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The ocean air stung their faces. The sun dropped down into the horizon, bathing the new world in a wonder of fire. It seemed as though every inch of land ahead was burning at that very moment. They had heard stories about this place, about their leader’s mission, and some began to grow weary of ...Read More

Summer. What a great time to take vacation with the family, or by yourself (if you’re still single, or single again). This is the time of year when people have a tendency to become a bit lax with their work ethics, too. For the budding entrepreneur, that can spell trouble, but it doesn’t mean you ...Read More

Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? I know you’re an entrepreneur, but what about more? These are the kinds of questions people often ask of themselves. They either ask them because they’re worried they won’t make a difference in the world, they feel insecure, or they simply want to figure ...Read More

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to come across many different people in your daily dealings. Some people can be friends, colleagues, former coworkers, people you know in passing, and even friends, people you haven’t talked to in many years, and family. In other words, you are going to likely deal with a number of people ...Read More

One of the biggest things that gets in an entrepreneur’s way when trying to startup a new business, develop a new product, or do anything that is considered ‘outside the norm’ is fear. I’ve talked a lot about fear already, and there’s good reason for that. It’s a big deal. But what about the dream ...Read More

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