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no matter what my budget is?
To be totally transparent, if you are looking for advice but are on a tight budget, this may not be the best place to seek help. Why? I’m not cheap and I make no excuses for that. One reason is obvious: you get what you pay for, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Simply put, my team and I are very good at what we do. Things tend to move along when we are around, and that is putting it mildly.
More fundamentally, for us to give you the quality advice you deserve, we need to do our homework, to understand you, your environment and the issue or issues confronting you and your business. That takes some time and requires some resources.
Finally, not unlike other professionals you may engage to provide you with advice, your lawyer or your accountant, for example, we have had to invest significant resources into developing our processes and the infrastructure to support our deployments. Unlike too many of those professionals, efficiency is engrained in our corporate DNA. In short, we don’t like wasting time or money, ours and most importantly, yours. It’s bad for business, and it always comes back to remind you how bad an idea it was.
You can expect that for the duration of our time together, your interests are effectively ours, one and the same.  We treat you and your business with all the respect you should expect and deserve. I’ve given advice to some impressive high net worth individuals, some Fortune 500s, a few Governments and world leaders. Most of my work is referral based. The chances are that if you don’t know someone I know, trust or have worked with, it’s going to be hard for me to consider working with you.
The truth is, I am picky about who I work with,  and chose to stop working with people I didn’t like. It’s the best business decision I ever made. As you can read, I am also brutally honest. Some people don’t like that. I respect and understand their opinion. I just don’t share it. Luckily for them, the world is full of traditional, socially acceptable, plain and fluffy business consultants who will happily take their money and pretend to be their friend for as long as they are willing to pay their monthly invoice. God Bless them, one and all.
It’s why this little paragraph is quite powerful, isn’t it? Just think of all the time, energy and mutual anxiety we will both now avoid because I had the idea of choosing to remain uncompromisingly authentic? We can both avoid each other altogether, and all live happily ever after. Fantastic, isn’t it!?!
If you are still reading, thank you. We should get along just fine. My clients come to me because they know what to expect: a reliable quality of service, total uncompromising discretion (You may have noticed, I don’t drop names) and an unconditional dedication to delivering results. We give no quarter, and we expect none. We take no prisoners, but we leave no man (or woman) behind. It’s a simple yet effective formula, at least for us, and we make no apologies for it. What you see (or in this case read) is exactly what you get, period, full stop.
As for the details of our terms of engagement, you can read most of what you need bellow, but here is what I think you need to know: experience (and the empirical data supports this principal), has demonstrated a direct correlation between the quality of a given engagement, as expressed by a preestablished & measurable result or goal, and the length of time we are retained. Typically, a client-engagement requires a minimum six-month commitment to be effective.
Consequently, we do not accept any new client engagements under this six-month threshold. Our consultative advisory model is simple, easy to process and pre-paid retainer based. You secure an agreed upon set number of hours of our time over a pre-established period. Other rules are easy and straight forward.
We don’t take on an engagement we don’t think we have a reasonable chance of succeeding or feel we aren’t the best fit to do the job.
We don’t work for drug lords, authoritarian regimes or places where the rule of law is mostly for entertainment purposes only.
We also don’t contribute to ”wag the dog” like movies, although I must admit watching them can be most entertaining. 🙂
I am proud to say I have left millions of dollars (in one colourful case literally) on the table and walked away from what could have otherwise been some of the most lucrative contracts we could have acquired and some of the most  ”easy” money I ever made.
Why? Mostly, because I can. That and I like to sleep at night knowing I did the right thing.
So in short, you can…work-with-me3-300x200UP-DATE: …Regretfully, I can’t take on any more clients at the moment.

We only take on a set number of clients at any given time; it’s a quality issue; I may be over six feet tall, but there is only so much of me to go around… Seriously, between teaching, running my various business interests, our Success Crumbs Podcast, travel, and clients, it can get chaotic. These days, I am particularly busy working on client projects, some of which are literally on the other side of the planet, I simply don’t have the material time to focus properly on anyone else’s business. We do have a waiting list. If you would like your name to be added to it, just drop my team an expression of interest here.

Some take on all the work they can get their hands on (customer service you say? Ba, who cares!), I could do that too but how professional would I be to let you hire me and then not return your phone calls when you need me? Exactly, it wouldn’t be. I have nothing but respect for all those big traditional corporate management consulting firms, but frankly, I find them often out of touch with the reality of everyday people and cost prohibitive for smaller businesses. It’s why I opted out of working for any of the big management consulting firms. I grew up in a family business, I like and understand small businesses, their challenges, and their working environments.

I also tend to like to keep things real, in fact, anyone who has worked with me knows I like to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. They expect to see me jump knee deep into the trenches with them. I’m also known to like to throw a few grenades at the competitive “enemy,” have a taste for hand-to-hand combat, and like to roll around on the ground in a good rumble. Disruptive you say? Absolutely, in my experience, constructive disruption is exactly what many businesses need, especially the ones that have had some success and have become a little complacent or comfortable. It’s human nature to want to avoid conflict, isn’t it? Sometimes you just need someone to come in and give a place a good shake. Grenade anyone?

Although I’m not accepting any new engagements, if you send my team an email explaining your particular circumstances, I would be happy to introduce you to one of a handful of professionals I know and trust and most importantly, who’s work I would lend my name. Fair warning, that list is short.

Or you could…


Once or twice a year, I facilitate exclusive, in-depth group strategic business breakthrough sessions for a very limited, prescreened number of clients. In some cases, your whole team gets involved and can join us. These are fantastic opportunities to brainstorm ideas and their challenges, build out new project plans, figure out how to get your business out of a rut and find solutions to everyday issues. It is a jungle out there, no reason for you to stand alone to face these turbulent economic times. Find strength in numbers; that is why you have a tribe.

These group sessions are by application only. Please register here to be notified of our next application cycle.

You can always…


FREE is always nice, right? The best way to work with me for free is to subscribe to our updates. You can do that here. You don’t have to be alone out there and being part of the tribe can be a very useful place to be. In time, you may be surprised at the caliber of people you will meet, many of which I have helped partner and joint venture. We have a vast network of some of the hardest hitting entrepreneurs out there!



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